Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd. aims to build its business in multiple sectors through scientific business strategy, effective talent management, advanced technology and the wise use of our considerable corporate resources. Partnerships with complementary firms will also be important to our success as we develop into a global market leader.

Message from the General Manager

Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd. is building on the proven success of the Shanghai SanDun Auto Parts division. We have the resources, partnerships and effective business strategy to take our company to the next level.

As we grow our business in sectors as diverse as automotive parts manufacturing, hotel and resort development, real estate development, sports and recreation, high technology and energy and other sectors, we will endeavor to stay as true as possible to our long-term vision of our founders. We’re just beginning to implement a long-term strategy; now is the time for our company to rise to unprecedented heights.

Rising on the global stage, our company’s success will depend on building more relationships with firms, organizations and local governments that share our vision of growth. We will succeed together.

General Manager

Hotel & Resort

Aldesta Hotels Group is a subsidiary of Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd. It is uniquely-positioned for success in the resort and hotel sector. A sophisticated worldview, long-term business strategy and exceptional resources help us dream big – and make those dreams reality.

Luxury waterfront resorts; golfers’ retreats; convention settings; romantic spa getaways; outdoor-recreation set in the midst of breathtaking natural scenery; beautiful properties with access to amenities that international tourists crave; we’re passionate about bringing these kinds of properties to life.

Total Comfort. Complete Luxury

The modern tourist demands more and our resort properties give them exactly what they want.

Aldesta Hotels Group owns Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Poet's Cove Resort & Spa, Harrison Lake Hotel, Heron Island Resort (Australia), and Wilson Island (Australia). Our resort properties are set in spectacular natural scenery, often just a convenient trip away from bustling cosmopolitan locales. They include popular destination resorts for skiing, golfing, boating, sand-sculpting, wildlife viewing and fishing, as well as famous historic attractions; leisurely guestrooms; conference rooms; mineral pools and spas; quaint marinas; delicious cuisine in fine restaurants – virtually anything they desire. From family vacations and golf trips to destination weddings, romantic holidays, boat tours and more, our properties deliver unforgettable experiences. We work with local communities, along with players in the real estate, construction and tourism sectors, to develop resorts and hotels that respond to the needs of the sophisticated traveller.

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High Tech & Energy

Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd.’s Energy division aims to develop innovative technologies with extraordinary market potential. We partner with universities, research centres, engineering firms, and innovative firms looking for investment. A technological revolution has already changed the world in recent decades, spawning great advances in mobile communication, mining, transportation, bio-technology, energy production and more – and we’re prepared to ride the next wave of innovation.

We’re developing the future

Our considerable business management, manufacturing capabilities and resources allow us to move ahead quickly with new technologies. We’re able to take a product from the basic idea to the production line using extensive in-house expertise or by working closely with our reliable partners.

Ideas that move us all forward

Our technology background is in the automotive industry, thanks to the industry-leading efforts of our SanDun Manufacturing division. For two decades, we have been a reliable supplier of manufactured components to some of the most famous automotive firms on the planet.

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Aeraden Energy

But that’s not where our expertise ends; we’re always looking for new inventions, high tech companies and energy firms that have excellent market potential. From cutting-edge car, components, improved industrial processes, environmentally-friendly technologies and streamlined mining equipment to ingenious oil-and-gas energy sector inventions, our team is looking for the next big thing. We have the experience and resources to help our partners take their technologies to the next level.


Shanghai SanDun Auto Parts Company Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is an affiliated company of Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd. With manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China, SanDun has developed market-leading expertise as a supplier of auto parts for internationally-branded automotive firms such as General Motors, Volks Wagon, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Audi and more.

Streamlined Technology. Reliable Quality

SanDun’s has earned a reputation for quality in the automobile industry among both partners and consumers. We’ve built our company on a foundation of strong management, superior process control and advanced technology. For instance, our flocking auto interior trim system has become a coveted standard for a wide range of auto parts, from instrument panels and door panels to steering wheels, armrests and glove boxes. Our manufacturing facilities maintain their competitive edge because we continue to invest wisely in research and development, employee training and integrating new technology. As we roll out new products and discover new opportunities on the road ahead, we will always stay committed to our high standards for finished-products delivery and customer service.

Real Estate

G&Q Real Estate is an affiliated company of Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd. It is primarily concentrated on real estate development and property management. We help create ultra-comfortable residences in highly livable communities for families, retirees, vacation homeowners and real estate investors.

We partner with construction specialists, municipalities, financial firms and other real estate development professionals to carry out our business goals.

There’s no place like home

G&Q Real Estate looks for opportunities to develop and manage multi-family buildings in pleasant areas. People thrive in enjoyable neighborhoods with plentiful recreational amenities and convenient access. That’s what makes communities sustainable for the long term.

Sustainable buildings for sustainable communities

Naturally, we also implement green technologies in our buildings from when they’re first built. We make sure that our real estate developments and the families who live there are resting on a strong foundation far into the future.